Infusionsoft: Create Contact

You can use the LeadConduit Infusionsoft Integration to Create a Contact to an existing List. What you'll need to get started:

  • An Infusionsoft account


Configuring ActiveCampaign in LeadConduit

From the Flow Editor Steps tab, click Add Delivery and select Infusionsoft from the list.


The integration will prompt you for your Infusionsoft credentials. Log in and the integration will take care of the rest!




Making a Decision

A filter must be added after the step in order to make any decision based on the outcome of the delivery. Usually, you'll want to stop the flow when the outcome of the delivery is anything other than Success. A filter that catches Failures, Errors, and Skips will do the trick. Here's what that looks like:



Save the Flow and you're done!

Automatically Mapped Fields

The following fields will be mapped automatically, meaning you don't need to do anything to pass them along to Infusionsoft:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Name Suffix (Jr. Sr. Esq. etc.)
  • Email
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • Phone 3
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Website
  • Comments
  • Title (Job Title)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)

Manually Mapped Data

 The following data can be mapped manually in the field mapping section:

  • Address Type - Default is BILLING
  • Contact Type - Infusionsoft contact type
  • Lead Source ID - Infusionsoft Lead Source ID
  • Owner ID - Infusionsoft Owner ID
  • Preferred Locale - Infusionsoft Preferred Locale
  • Source Type - Infusionsoft Source Type
  • Custom - Any other fields not listed here

What fields does the integration return?

  • Outcome - Integration outcome (success, failure, or error)
  • Reason - The reason if the outcome is Error, Failure, Skip




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