Claiming TrustedForm Certificates with LeadConduit

ActiveProspect account holders with TrustedForm and LeadConduit subscriptions can easily claim TrustedForm certificates by adding a TrustedForm enhancement step to their flow.

To add a TrustedForm step to your flow, from the "Edit Flow" page, click on the green "Add Step" button, and then click "Enhancements Step"

Search for and click on the TrustedForm enhancement.

Move the step to an appropriate position in the flow. Typically you'd want to claim the certificate on leads that have passed other validations, such as duplicate-checking and phone validation.

To simply claim a certificate for your account, the step is ready to go. No mappings are necessary. The TrustedForm step will automatically look for and use the TrustedForm Cert Url field to claim the certificate.

Optionally you can use mappings in the TrustedForm step to scan the certificate for required and/or forbidden text.

Finally, you can add a filter to reject leads with invalid certificate IDs or certificates that do not pass the page scan. Additionally, you can filter on any of the data appended to the lead once the certificate is claimed. For example, you might reject international leads, based on the geolocation of the lead’s IP address.

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