TrustedForm Data Storage

We often get asked if we store data with our certificates. The simple answer is, no. We do not store user data or PII in a way that can be extracted or accessed, outside of the video playback contained in the certificate. 

To clarify, every certificate is an individual archive. There are many files that comprise each archive. The archive is compressed, encrypted and stored in a storage medium that makes it inaccessible for operations like data aggregation or extraction. Extracting a certificate for viewing can sometimes take hours.

In other words, the system is not optimized for getting at the data that’s stored en masse. So, while we technically store the data to allow our users to view the video playback, the data is stored in a way in which a user cannot query a database to extract PII out of individual certificate archives.

We purposefully built the product this way and will always work hard to ensure the data we store on your behalf cannot be shared, aggregated, extracted, or consumed in any other way than the video playback.

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