Export Lead Data to a CSV File

You can export lead data via CSV from the Events tab.

Begin by filtering your Events to return the leads you’d like to export. Once you’ve found the lead data you’d like to export, click the “Export Lead Events as CSV” button:



Select the fields to export to the CSV file.


“Included Fields” are the fields submitted to LeadConduit by lead Sources:


Metadata fields are special system fields like the Lead ID, Submission Timestamp, Source Name and ID, etc.


When you have finished selecting Included Fields and/or Metadata Fields, and if no appended data is available, click “Finish and Email”:


If appended data are available, click "Select Appended Fields" to add to the export. Select any appended fields to include as desired, then, click “Finish and Email”:


You may close this browser window while your export is being created. You will receive an email with a download link (sent to your ActiveProspect ID email) when your export file is ready to download.

The download link can be used by a logged-in LeadConduit user of the flow's Activeprospect account.


Export FAQs:

Q: I selected an appended field but the table is blank for that field, why?

A: Only fields that contain values for the events being exported are included in the export file.

Q: I selected an appended field but, from the events view I can see that the step didn’t fire for ANY of the leads I’m exporting. why is it available at all?

A: The appended fields that are selectable include all of the potentially available appended data fields. It's during the process of compiling the export file that the export engine evaluates whether the steps that relate to those fields executed.

Q: Is there any way to know when a step was added / removed from a flow so I select the appropriate time range for export?

A. Yes. The flow history ("Flows" tab, "History" button) contains a record of every change saved to the flow since its creation.


Pro Tip: If you will need to re-create the same export on a regularly scheduled basis, consider automating the process by using a Batch File Delivery instead.

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