ActiveProspect makes connecting Unbounce to LeadConduit super easy with an easy to use integration within LeadConduit.

Connecting Unbounce to LeadConduit

Have the URL of your published Unbounce page ready to use. You'll need it in just a moment.


From within LeadConduit launch the flow editor, switch to the Sources section and click the Add Source button.


You'll be shown the following screen:


Paste the published Landing Page URL into the field labeled Enter Your Webform URL.

You'll be prompted to authenticate with Unbounce, which will authorize LeadConduit to connect the Unbounce Landing Page to this LeadConduit flow.


If there are any form fields on your Unbounce page which LeadConduit is uncertain how to deal with, you'll be prompted to manually connect those Unbounce fields to LeadConduit equivalents, which LeadConduit refers to as Field Mapping.

Once you complete this section, a Webhook (this is the connection referred to previously) is added to your Unbounce Landing Page. The Webhook is what sends the Unbounce form data to LeadConduit. The Unbounce Landing Page is also added as a Source to the LeadConduit flow.

If other Webhooks or other delivery methods were previously configured for the Landing Page, those must be removed to avoid duplicate submissions. 


You can find the Webooks button on the Dashboard for the Landing Page:


Be sure to Save your LeadConduit flow, then you'll be good to go!


Adding TrustedForm to Unbounce Pages

If you don't already have the TrustedForm script, get the script first!

Next, open your Landing Page in the Unbounce editor and open the Javascripts section.


Paste the TrustedForm script, making sure to use the Unbounce Placement default of Before Body End Tag.


Save the code and don't forget to Publish/Republish your page for the updates to be picked up.

Now you have both TrustedForm and LeadConduit properly connected to an Unbounce Page!




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