ActiveProspect integrates with SendGrid to offer the Mail Send action of their v2 REST API directly through LeadConduit.

SendGrid is found in the list of Recipient Integrations:



Finding What You Need

Log in to get your API User & Key


Send Mail

Required Configuration

  • API User - The API User to invoke 
  • API Key - The Key associated with the API User
  • Subject - The Email subject
  • From - The email address the email will be shown as "From"

Optional Configuration

  • HTML - The HTML version of your email body
  • Text - The text version of your email body
  • Fromname - The Name showed with the From Email
  • BCC - A Blind Carbon Copy will be sent to any valid email address provided
  • Name - Defaults to Title + First Name + Last Name, as available

Required Lead Fields

  • Email – LeadConduit email

Optional Mapped Data

  • First Name – LeadConduit first_name
  • Last Name – LeadConduit last_name
  • Title – LeadConduit title




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