First Orion: LinePlus - Reverse Phone

ActiveProspect partners with First Orion to offer their Reverse Phone service directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

The First Orion Reverse Phone enhancement appends Name and Address information to a valid US phone number. This enhancement is especially useful if you have just a phone number, like with an incoming call, or limited lead data (Name, Email, Phone).

Please Note
This is a true data append service. Although the data returned is applicable to lead verification, that is not what this service was built for. It's meant for real-time calling environments or other scenarios where you only have an incoming phone number to work from. Using this service in those scenarios allows you to fill out your CRM with name and address information from only a phone number.

Using Reverse Phone

Open your flow editor to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement, select First Orion Reverse Phone, and choose between failing the lead when a phone number has no contact information or continuing to process the lead (Recommended):


Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure
  • Any useful information returned
    • Name
    • Address Component
  • The Verbal field is NOT "Listing not available"
  • No useful information returned
  • The Verbal field is Listing not available


Making a Decision

A Filter can be added after the step to make a Success/Failure decision based on the data returned.

You can also use Step Criteria to conditionally invoke a downstream step based on the data returned.


Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

Field Detail Example
Outcome The status of the recipient event success
Reason When the outcome is other than Success, a reason for the Outcome is provided. Listing not available
Phone Status Indicates whether or not the phone number is connected to an Active Subscriber. active, inactive, unknown
First Name Given Name associated with the number Bruce
Last Name Surname associated with the number Banner
Address Street Number + Street Name associated with the number 1902 Aggie Ln
City City associated with the number Austin
State State associated with the number TX
Postal Code Postal Code associated with the number 78757
Warning Populated from the Verbal attribute when there's useful information returned not mailable
Location Type The level of specificity of the Address returned. Possible values are, in decreasing specificity:  Address, Postal Code, City, State Address




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