Retrieving a TrustedForm Certificate

Claimed TrustedForm Certificates are stored in your account based upon your retention settings.

Retrieving a claimed TrustedForm certificate

To access certificates that have been claimed by your account, you must be logged into the product. If you have already logged in, or have recently logged in, you can click on the certificate URL stored with your lead data to access the certificate.

Note: It is imperative you store the certificate URL with your lead data in your own system of record. TrustedForm does not support searching for certificates based on lead data and thus cannot retroactively match lead data to a unique certificate.

If you have not recently logged into your account:

  1. Log in to your ActiveProspect account
  2. Click the Launch Application button next to TrustedForm
  3. You may now either copy the TrustedForm certificate URL into your browser or click the link to the TrustedForm certificate in your CRM to view the certificate.

Depending on the age of the TrustedForm certificate, you may see different behavior:

  • The certificate is less than 3 days old: TrustedForm certificates that are less than 3 days old can only be viewed after they have been claimed. Claim information (including vendor, reference, lead age, and the share URL) will only be available if you are logged in to your account. If you are not logged into your account, you will see a countdown timer that tells you how much time you have left to claim the certificate.  
  • The certificate is greater than 3 days old: Attempting to access a claimed certificate when you are not logged in results in a Certificate Not Found screen. To resolve this, log in to your account.
  • The certificate is greater than 30 days old and was claimed: Certificates that have been claimed will be placed in long-term storage, sometimes referred to as cold storage. A stored certificate may take several hours to become accessible. While TrustedForm retrieves this certificate, you will see a page with the message Retrieving Certificate. You may stay on this page and it will refresh when ready, or navigate back later to check the status. Certificates that are retrieved from long-term storage will be available for 7 days before being returned to storage.
  • Retrieving a certificate: Occasionally certificates that are less than 30 days old may return a Retrieving Certificate message while the certificate and video replay data are loaded. This usually will resolve within a few minutes, and a simple refresh will display the certificate.



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