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LeadConduit offers powerful, flexible, rules-based lead pricing. You can price both the "purchase" side (what leads cost you i.e what you will pay the lead source for a successful lead) and the "sale" side (what revenue you will gain from a successfully delivered lead i.e. what a lead's buyers will pay you).

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Purchase (Source) Pricing

To set up purchase-side pricing in a flow, go to the flow's Sources tab.

You can set purchase prices for each source, for the flow if no source-level price applies, or both. Source-level pricing overrides flow-level pricing.


Sources can also submit their own "price" field with the lead. Here's how that field appears in the source's Submission docs:


You have the option at the flow and source-levels to either set up your own rule-based prices or to accept the source-submitted price as part of the lead data. Rule-based pricing blocks source-submitted prices and vice versa. You must use one or the other at each level or source, but you can accept submitted prices for one source while using rule-based prices for another source.


You can set multiple prices using LeadConduit's powerful rules. You can create rule sets and nested rules, too.


Sale Pricing

You can add Sale pricing (what the buyer will pay you) to any Delivery step.


Similar to Purchase pricing, you can set your own rule-based price or, for leads delivered to another LeadConduit flow, accept the price the buyer provides in their response. Rule-based pricing blocks Buyer-provided prices and vice versa.


You have the same ability to set multiple, rules-based sale prices as you do for purchase pricing.


Here is what a step response with a Buyer-provided price looks like, seen in the step's Technical Details:


You can also see pricing information for a particular lead by expanding its detail from the "Events" tab.


On the Reports tab you'll find a default Stats Report by Source and Purchase Price:









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