TrustedForm Sandbox Mode

Historically, TrustedForm Certificates have been viewable during the initial 72 hour claiming period by any party with access to the TrustedForm Certificate URL. As of Wednesday, July 15, 2020, TrustedForm certificates will only be visible to customers who have claimed the certificate.

Because certificates are now only visible to customers who have claimed them, publishers need a new way to spot check certificates and/or troubleshoot their forms. Sandbox mode is a new feature that allows publishers to test that certificates are being generated correctly, before pushing a web form live. 

How do I use sandbox mode? 
Simply add the new sandbox parameter to your TrustedForm script (We have highlighted the 2 places to add sandbox in red, bold text below):

<script type="text/javascript">
  (function() {
      var field = 'xxTrustedFormCertUrl';
      var provideReferrer = false;
      var invertFieldSensitivity = false;
      var sandbox = true;

      var tf = document.createElement('script');
      tf.type = 'text/javascript'; tf.async = true;
      tf.src = 'http' + ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 's' : '') +
        '://' + escape(provideReferrer) + '&field=' + escape(field) + '&l='+new Date().getTime()+Math.random() + '&invert_field_sensitivity=' + invertFieldSensitivity + '&sandbox=' + sandbox;
      var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(tf, s); }
    <img src="" />


How long can I view certificates generated in sandbox mode? 
Certificates generated in sandbox mode are visible for 72 hours. 

What are the limitations of sandbox mode? 
There are two limitations of TrustedForm certificates generated in sandbox mode: a) they are not claimable, and b) they cannot be extended.

How do I know if I am viewing a certificate generated in sandbox mode?
There is a prominent message displayed at the top of all certificates generated in sandbox mode. This notifies you (and anyone who inadvertently receives the certificate!) that you need to change your script to get out of sandbox mode before you can generate real certificates. 

How do I get out of sandbox mode and start generating regular certificates?
You can either set sandbox=false, or you can remove all of the red, bold text in the example above from your script entirely. For simplicity’s sake, we recommend the latter. 

I need to be able to view and/or claim real TrustedForm certificates. 
If sandbox mode does not meet your needs, you will need a TrustedForm account to claim and view TrustedForm certificates. Pricing is based on the number of certificates you claim each month and the number of certificates stored in your account; contact us to discuss options. 

Note: Facebook Lead Ads certificates will begin utilizing this enhancement in the near future.

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