Your flow's reporting tab allows you to create public-facing reports you can share with lead sources. These reports live at unique URLs and will stay up-to-date in real time: no logins, no exporting.

Reports can be created individually using the “New Report” button or in a batch using the “New Batch of Reports” button.


To create a report, navigate to the reports tab on your flow's homepage. Fill out the relevant information you want for the report. For example, here's how you would create a report of all failed leads for a particular source:


The reporting tab gives you the information you requested, as well as filtering features like the ability to adjust the timeframe you'd like to include in your report.


The Failure Details section has three columns.

  • Reason: What the server response body says about why your lead failed.
  • Failures: The total number of failures for a particular reason.
  • Percentage of Failures: The percentage of failures each reason represents in the context of all failed leads.


The Lead Details section provides you with information for each individual lead:

  • Date and Time
  • LeadConduit ID
  • Outcome
  • Reason


If you'd like to make changes to an already created report, you can edit your report from the 'Reports' main menu. Also, if you’ve shared a report in error, or no longer want your contact to be able to view a report, you can change the URL at any time.


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