Facebook: Setting Up Facebook Lead Ads

LeadConduit now supports real-time capture of lead data generated from Facebook Lead Ads.

This will guide you through connecting Facebook Lead Ads as a lead source to LeadConduit.

Getting Started


  1. LeadConduit account (not LeadConduit Classic) to receive the leads from Facebook
  2. Admin access to the Facebook Page(s) you will subscribe
  3. Admin access to Facebook Business Manager (if Business Manager is used to manage  ads)
  4. Admin access to Facebook ads (Manage your ads access)
  5. Facebook Page(s) are for the United States or Canada audiences only

Please confirm all prerequisites before connecting to the LeadConduit Facebook app.

If you need a LeadConduit account, you can review our Account Plans.

If you have a LeadConduit Classic account, please contact your Client Success Manager for details on how to get Facebook Lead Ads delivered to your campaigns.


Granting LeadConduit Permission to Access Your Facebook Lead Data

In order for LeadConduit to process your Facebook Lead Ad leads, you must grant LeadConduit permission to access the data. You must grant this permission to LeadConduit by subscribing the Facebook Page(s) associated with your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns to the LeadConduit Facebook app.

Remember: In order to complete this step you must have Admin access Business Manager and to the Facebook Page(s) you will subscribe.


Step 0

Login to Facebook.

Go to LeadConduit's Facebook Application Page


Step 1

Click the Get Facebook Pages button.

Facebook will ask you to grant LeadConduit's Facebook Application Profile and Manage Pages permissions.  

Grant these permissions and continue.



Step 2

After granting permissions, the page will return a list of Facebook Pages for which you have Admin access, similar to what is shown below.

In this example, one page is already subscribed and another page is available to be subscribed.

Click subscribe for each Facebook Page to be associated with Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.


Step 3


  1. Provide your email address
  2. Include special instructions or comments
  3. Click the Send to ActiveProspect button


Step 4 - if using Business Manager

Authorize LeadConduit Lead Ads Integration in Business Manager

  1. Go to Business Manager Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the left-hand icon list, click the icon for Lead Access.
  3. Click CRMs and select LeadConduit Lead Ads Integration
  4. Click Assign Access

More detailed instructions can be found at the Facebook Advertiser Help Center.

Step 5

Mapping Facebook Lead Ad Form Fields

ActiveProspect Support must map the data you are capturing from your Facebook Lead Ad forms to the fields in your LeadConduit flow(s).


Submit a test lead for each of your Facebook Lead Ad forms

Here's how you do that: 

  1. Go to the Lead Ads Testing Tool page
  2. Select the appropriate Page and Form
  3. Click the Preview form link and fill out the form


You will get the best results if you fill out the form with realistic test data.

If you click the blue "Create lead" button instead, your test will be less useful as LeadConduit or your CRM will likely reject the lead for incorrectly formatted data.


Configuring LeadConduit flows

Build your Flow(s)

Unless you already have a flow delivering to the destination of your choice, you will need to build a new flow to connect your Facebook Lead Ads to. Here's how:

  1. Start a New Flow from the Flow Main Page | 
  2. Add/Edit Fields
    • Facebook Ad Group ID
    • Facebook Ad ID
    • Facebook Form ID
    • Facebook Leadgen ID
    • Facebook Page ID
    • Select the following fields
    • Update Fields
  3. Add/Edit Sources
    • Search for Facebook
    • check the box for Facebook Lead Ads
    • Update Sources
  4. Add your delivery option(s)
  5. Save


Contact Support

Open a support ticket requesting Facebook Lead Ads be connected for your LeadConduit flow(s).

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Link(s) to the flow(s)
  • Delivery requirements (e.g. deliver leads from Page ID or Form ID "09876" to flow

When Support receives this information they will configure your LeadConduit account to accept Facebook Lead Ad leads. You'll be up and running in no time!


What's Included?

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads to your LeadConduit flows is free as it must be completed by ActiveProspect Support.

If you want Support to configure your delivery, that typically incurs a Professional Services fee. Once Posting Instructions are provided, Support will provide you an estimate for the billable time to required to configure the delivery.

Contact your Client Success Manager with additional questions about Professional Services fees.





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